Lees Famous Recipe Chicken 

COVID-19 Response Plan



  • Cashiers coming into contact with the public

  • Drive Thru Cashiers coming into contact with Public

  • Drive thru employees working in close proximity of one another

  • Packers working in close proximity with one another

  • Cooks working in close proximity with one another



  • Tongues 

  • Fry Timers

  • Gravy Ladles 

  • Warmers

  • Deep Fryers

  • Cleaning supplies



  • Lees have installed plexi-glass as a divider to separate our front-line cashiers from the customers. All employees must wash hands/ sanitize their hands after coming into contact with anything that the customers have touched for example cash debit/ credit machine 

  • After every use of the Debit/ credit machine all front-line workers must sanitize the terminal with exception of customer using tap 

  • To minimize the risk of workers working in close proximity to one another we have defined position for each employee to minimize risks of being in close proximity to one another, for example Famous Cook, Crispy Cook, French Fry Packer, Chicken Packer, Steam Table Packer. By breaking down the positions the only time there is an issue is during breaks so when they return to their position all position employees must sanitize all equipment, utensils and timers 

  • In the Drive thru Station and packing station we will be implementing mandatory temperature checks for every employee these will be charted daily and if any employee shows signs of a fever they will be asked to leave



  • Lees Famous Recipe Chicken has implemented policies for any employees showing any symptoms of COVID 19 in the last 10 days that they must self Isolate for 14 days before returning to work

  • Lees Famous Recipe Chicken prohibits any visitors and limits vendors to limited areas in the store to reduce the risk of contamination 

  • If any employees feel ill at work it is there responsibility to advise the supervisor/ manager on shift and arrange a ride home immediately and then refer to the symptoms of COVID- 19 policy

  • Every employee will have their Temperatures monitored daily and if there is any signs of fever that employee will be asked to leave



  • Lees has implemented a communication plan that helps educated our customer with signage about social distancing, limiting the number of customers in the store at any given time

  • Lees we are constantly adapting to the post Covid-19 environment, as we adapt, we have weekly meeting with management to address any areas of concern

  • Lees Is still only working on a drive thru and take out model as we adapt to a dine in service, we will evaluate to dinning room concerns



After evaluating all measure at Lees, we feel we are able to adapt our business model at this time to include social distancing, physical barriers, and have included new policies to reduce the risk of all staff members and customers in being at risk of being contaminated with COVID - 19

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